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Featured Escort: Holly

The blonde just wants you over already.

Let's face it. You told yourself you came to Vegas in order to play the games and hit up the clubs. That might be what you said out loud or what you told your friends and relatives. But we both know the truth. You came to Vegas so you could experience some of the most beautiful women in the world. I know it and you know it. Well, you are in luck, because you've come across one right now. I'm Holly, and I want to be the real reason why you are in Vegas. I can tell by the way you're checking out my first pic that you are impressed and you like what you see. That's good, because that is just the beginning. 

My Biggest Assets

Yeah, I've got some incredible tits, smooth skin and long, blonde hair, but I'm so much more than just the blonde bomb shell. I'm the woman who is going to make your true Vegas fantasies come true. You want to show me off? Be my guest. You want to stay in the hotel room all night to see what I may or may not do to you? That sounds like fun to me too. I know I'm the reason why you're in town, so let me reward you for coming. 

That look you give me as I stand in front of you. I love it. It puts a smile on my face. I just love looking at you, knowing you are getting excited and can hardly hold yourself back. I can tell how bad you want to pull it out. To show it to me, to introduce me to what you are so proud of. I just need to decide how we should go about it. But oh, you're getting ahead of yourself. I have so many other plans for you. I know, you want instant gratification, but you know what? Anticipation. That is what it is all about. The creation of something delicious. Sure, you could eat the cookie dough right away, but waiting those extra minutes for warm, juicy cookies? So worth it. So let's build the anticipation. I have a nice treat I think you'll enjoy if we do. Don't worry, I'm not going to let you go over the edge. Not yet anyway. I'm still trying to decide what exactly to do with you and how to let you release. Or if I let you release at all. I guess that is something that time will have to tell. Of course, you'll never know if you don't give me a call. Only way we find out is if we spend an evening together, and that all starts with you giving me a buzz. 

I Just Love Being Naked

Holly wants to show you something special.Fuck, I'm so much more comfortable without any clothing on. Who the hell likes to wear clothes anyway? My body is not made to have clothing on it. It is there to be completely out in the open. I wouldn't do what I do if I didn't like to show off my body. If I didn't want you checking out my tits, drooling over my ass or smelling the sweet perfume lingering form my skin. I do it because I'm comfortable, because I ike the way it makes men feel and I love the way it makes me in return feel. Let's face it. We both have a better time when I'm naked. And the question isn't whether or not I'm going to end up with my clothes off by the end of the night. It is how long will it take for me to drop my clothes and let you say hi to my entire body. That is going to be up to both you and me. It might depend on how naughty I'm feeling or how much I love to see you beg for me to slip off one more piece of clothing. I always enjoy pushing my ass back towards my man while looking over my shoulder and slipping off my panties just before I turn around to face him completely. Just like I'm looking at you, right now. Of course, it will be so much better in person. 

You Tell Me What You Want To Do

Oh, baby, what should we do, what should be do. I'm just standing here, thinking to myself about what kind of activities we can partake in during our evening. I hope you don't mind that my panties are sliding down to the floor and you can see my ass just pushing up towards the sky. That doesn't bother you, does it? Maybe we can sit here and figure out together what we should do. Do you want to hit the clubs out on the strip? How about check out a show? You feeling hungry? Yeah, I know, that would mean I'd have to start putting clothes on, but I guess that doesn't mean we can't have a little bit of naughty fun before all of that starts. Of course, it also wouldn't be fair if I was the only one standing here naked, so we will have to figure out how to atone for that issue as well. Another thing though, is that it isn't possible for me to be standing in front of you like this, ass hanging out and tits pushing towards the ceiling unless you give me a call.