Ryan Wants To Cuddle With You

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Need a Cuddle Buddy?

It’s a dark night in Vegas and you need a cuddle buddy. I would love to be your sexy Las Vegas stripper cuddle bug. I have the arms to hold you and the ears to listen to everything you have to say. What’s a better combination in a Las Vegas stripper?

I love to do in dates. I just feel like you get to know a guy so much more when you stay in and talk. Or not talk. Whatever you want. I am so very flexible. And I mean that in every sense of the term. I can be flexible with you or I can be super flexible with myself and show you exactly how far my foot can go behind my head. Wouldn’t you like to see something amazing like that? How about seeing it while I have most of my clothes off? So great!

As a last Vegas stripper I am expertly trained in both strip dance and erotic massage. If you get sick of watching me I can always take a break from dancing and give that body the rub down it deserves. Aren’t you feeling tense lately? Wouldn’t you like it if a hot woman came over, rubbed your shoulders, made you feel nice and relaxed for the first time in forever? I know I sure would. I love it when I get amazing massages. It just makes my whole world spin in the right direction again.

If you could use a little TLC, call me. We can work through whatever it is you have going on and I can make you feel like a million bucks again! Call me today and we can make your Las Vegas experience something you will never forget. I promise you that! What have you got to lose? Call me now!