Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Babes Cabaret Las Vegas

These strippers can be the best Las Vegas call girls as well.

Babes is one of the local Vegas strip clubs that you can take advantage of when you are in the city. There are a lot of gorgeous dancers, and the minimum age to get in is 21. It’s a topless bar, and there is a full bar, allowing you to get your drink of choice. When you decide you want to enjoy bare breasts and gorgeous girls, this is one of the more affordable places that you can go. There is a VIP room, and you can choose to enjoy as much time inside as you would like.

Add a Las Vegas Escort to the Mix

You certainly don’t want to go into a strip club alone. This is why it is important to call for a Las Vegas escort. There are plenty of GFE escorts around, which are known as girlfriend experience. These are girls who are going to put on a show as though they are your girlfriend and accompany you anywhere you want to go, including a topless bar.

By bringing a Las Vegas escort into the strip club, you instantly have a magnet to draw all of the hottest girls your way. The reality is that the Las Vegas strippers would much rather play with other girls, and this is why so many men choose to walk in to the strip clubs with girls. You are going to get the hottest girls making eyes at you and that is because they want you to take your money and your girl into a VIP room where the three of you can play together.

It’s All About Fantasies

One of the main reasons you are likely exploring the Las Vegas nightlife is because you want to bring some of your fantasies to life. Babes Las Vegas offers a mini stage, where you are able to watch the dancers up close and personal. There is a single poll on the stage, and you can sit where you are only about 2 feet away from the stage. The girl who is stripping in front of you is likely going to be right in your face.

On Wednesdays, there is double trouble, which provides a girl on girl stage shows. If you don’t want to go in on a Wednesday, you can still have your girl on girl action by bringing your own girl to the party. Strippers in Vegas can figure out quickly that you are with an escort, and therefore they know what they can and cannot get away with. This means you are going to be in very good company when you bring an escort with you.

Hotel Accompaniment

The only downside to Babes or any other strip club is that you can’t bring the Las Vegas strippers back to the hotel room with you. With GFE escorts, it’s a given. A gorgeous escort will happily go back to the hotel room with you, and help you to act out more of the fantasies.


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