Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Deja Vu Las Vegas

The girls in Deja Vu Las Vegas will have a blast with you.

When you go to Vegas strip clubs, it is important to know what to expect when you walk through the door. Deja Vu Las Vegas has a number of gorgeous dancers, and the minimum is to walk through the door is 21. There is valid parking, and a cover charge that is relatively affordable. If you use the free limo transportation provided by the club, there is free admission. Locals are often free as well.

As you walk through the door, you will notice that there is a full bar, and snacks are also available. The main showroom has all of the Vegas strippers upon the stage, and there are also dances available. VIP rooms are also available and you can go in individually or as a group.

Adding to the Excitement

You can always have fun when you go into Deja Vu because it is a topless bar. There are tons of Las Vegas strippers who can pay you plenty of attention, and you are going to pay plenty for this attention. You can also choose to bring an escort in Las Vegas with you to the strip club.

By bringing an escort along with you, you have someone to attract the girls. Girls are more likely to play with each other than they are with you. They already know that you are interested in some excitement because they can spot an escort a mile away. This is going to give you some extra attention from the strippers, and the best part is that the escort is going to go home with you.

Take Advantage of the VIP Rooms

One unique thing about Deja Vu Las Vegas is that there are fully private VIP rooms. You can close the doors, and for 15 minutes, you can enjoy yourself in complete privacy with the dancers. Many of them will let you get up close and personal as well. When you have an escort in Las Vegas at your side, she can get a little naughty with one of the Las Vegas girls, and this can give you one of the greatest shows of your life.

Think about how much fun it can be to watch to topless girls spend time with each other. One of them is going to go back to the strip club while the other one can go home with you. If you haven’t had your fill of fantasizing yet, she can help you out with that.

There are plenty of GFE escorts available, and these girls want nothing more than to show you a good time. If that means accompanying you to Deja Vu and showing you just how exciting the strip club is, she will be more than happy to be your date for the evening. Once you have had your fill of what the Las Vegas strippers have to offer, you can invite the escort back to your place where she can show you more of what she has to offer.


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