Frequently Asked Questions

Las Vegas Strippers FAQs

Can you give me a run down on how a Las Vegas escorts service works?

If you have never had the experience of using escort agencies in Las Vegas in the past, you may be a bit apprehensive about what to expect. We pride ourselves in being labeled as the best escort service in Las Vegas and will help you with every step along the way in securing the perfect date. You contact us via our webpage and we will arrange for a phone call to discuss options in sending Las Vegas girls direct to you at the time you desire. You will have the option in selecting your date from our gallery of beautiful women, or we will select a gorgeous woman for you if necessary to provide you with escort services in Las Vegas. Payment structure will be decided upon, your payment will be received, and then we will send one of our girls to your room Las Vegas to be your companion for the time you had requested. She will accompany you to clubs, dinner functions, or simply spend time with you alone in your room if you wish.

Can I book an escort in Las Vegas for an entire evening? How much will that hit me in the wallet?

All our escort girls in Las Vegas have their pricing listed on their biography profile. We believe the pricing structure is competitive and we guarantee your experience with our escort service in Las Vegas will be one that will have you back for more in the future. You are more than welcome to have girls direct to your room for as long as you wish! Some escort services in Las Vegas keep their pricing under lock and key until you meet your date. This is not the case with us. Payment is received for the designated time, and your beautiful woman will stay throughout the time you had paid for!

Can I ask my escort to wear a certain outfit if I want to?

Since you are contacting the best escort service in Las Vegas, you know our women are well-cared for. This includes a wardrobe that would make your jaw drop. You are more than welcome to request your date wears something that you find exciting. If you are bringing her to a specific location, the attire she wears will need to match the atmosphere. Let us know your desires and we will make sure your escort Vegas is dressed to the nines.

There is one escort I really enjoy when I visit Las Vegas. Can I reserve her in advance for any trip I take to the area?

As soon as you find out your schedule for a trip to the area, contact our escort services Las Vegas promptly if you have a specific Las Vegas call girl you would like to have a date with. We do our best to accommodate all requests, however, some of our women are in high-demand. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance to do your scheduling as far in advance as you possibly can. We keep your requests on file, and if your escort girl Las Vegas isn't available, we will ask her for her recommendation on a substitute. This way, you are getting someone she trusts and someone she feels will be a good match in her absence. Not all escort services in Las Vegas provide this service! It is what puts us a step above others, making use the best escort service in Vegas!

I am not native to the country. Do you have foreign speaking Las Vegas escorts services?

When you order girls direct to you Las Vegas, make sure to let our service know that you desire escort girls Vegas that know how to speak a specific language. We have several Spanish, French, Japanese, and Russian women available as well as a few with more obscure dialects. Just let us know your needs and we will send one of our Las Vegas girls to your room who can converse with you comfortably.

I like women, but do you have male escorts available as well?

While we are considered the best escort service Las Vegas, we deal with the provision of the services of women only at this time. We will be more than happy to provide you with the names of some reputable services in the area should you have the need for an male escort.

I usually travel for a week at a time. Can I have a different Las Vegas escort for each day I'm in Vegas?

Of course! We have some of the best escorts in Las Vegas available to give you the time of your life while in the area. It is so hard to choose just one! Why not book a different date for each night of the week? This will give you a broad spectrum of interests, conversations, activities, and eye-candy to view. Let us know in advance which of the girls to your room Vegas you want to see, and we will make sure you have a variety you will be sure to love.

Do you have "rules" in place when requesting the services of one of the escorts you provide?

We are one of the Las Vegas escort agencies that do not engage in any type of funny business. Our women are the top of the line and we make sure they are well taken care of. Because of this, we want it known that any activity your personal date prefers not to partake in is at her discretion. We know of other establishments that aren't bashful in claiming you will get the cake and eat it too. We are a respectful service that provides companionship only. While you have private time with your beautiful woman, it should not be in any way harmful to her health or well-being. She is there for your enjoyment and we believe you will enjoy every minute of your time with your date.

My buddy is getting married. I'd like many girls reserved for a bachelor party. Is that possible?

If you want several escorts lv, then we have you covered! The more the merrier! Our Vegas strippers are ready and raring to go and please every participant at that party. If you have several attendees, then having just one stripper Vegas may not cut it. Our gorgeous strippers Vegas work great with each other and will keep everyone entertained throughout the event. Check out the pricing under each of the Vegas stripper profiles before making your selections. You may be able to work out a deal with individual strippers Vegas on pricing if you reserve several way in advance. Give us a call to let us know your needs and we will do our best to accommodate.

Is picture-taking allowed when I'm with my escort?

When you hire an escort in Vegas, you are bound to want to show off her beauty to your friends when you get together. After all, you will have one of the best escorts in Las Vegas by your side. Not having proof may not be as believable when it comes to story telling. Most Las Vegas escort agencies only have the rule that pictures are not used for commercial purposes. Other than that, our Vegas callgirls are ready to strut their stuff in front of the camera. All you need to do is ask!

Can I ask my escort to bring along toys to expand our experience?

If you wish to have escorts Vegas bring along a few surprises to spice up your time together, let us know before we send her to your room. We understand that a bit of fantasy can make your time together better than ever. Our girls have tricks up their sleeve to help you relax and enjoy the ride. Just let our lv escorts know beforehand and they'll be prepared with some gifts you'll be sure to love!

Are there girls working for you under the age of eighteen?

When you request one of our escorts Vegas, we ensure she is of legal age. State laws prohibit the hiring of underage escorts Vegas, and we adhere to that completely. We do extensive background checks of all of our lv escorts before they head out on their very first date. If a younger woman is your desire, we have several eighteen year olds who work for our Las Vegas escort agency. If you are wary about age, then consider hiring one of our mature escort girls Las Vegas. We find we have a wide age range variety available for your selection, making it possible for you to have the exact experience you desire.

How are payments processed?

We accept all major credit cards for payment: Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express. Most escort agencies Las Vegas will require that your payment is made in advance of services. We also adhere to this rule to ensure our Vegas girls for hire are paid for their services. We do accept cash as well. This will require that you pay Las Vegas callgirls before you head out on the town for the amount of time you wish to have her companionship.

If I am unsatisfied, how will you handle my experience?

When you hire girls to you Las Vegas, we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your entire date. If for any reason your date is not working out as you had wished, we ask that you call us immediately to inform the Las Vegas escort service directly about any problem you are experiencing. We will do our best to send another of our Sin City escorts to take place of the date you have presently. We want you to have the best escort in Las Vegas for you. Not everyone is the same with their wants and desires. If you don't hit it off with one of the Las Vegas escort girls we provide, another of our top Las Vegas escorts will be sent. We will not know there is a problem unless you inform us! Our girls direct Las Vegas are all trained to be courteous and accommodating. Since we have the best escorts Las Vegas has to offer, we are pretty certain you will be completely satisfied with your date. If not, simply call!

Should I be worried about law enforcement at all when using your services?

As long as you aren't assaulting someone or robbing someone with your best Las Vegas escort you have nothing to worry about! Our Las Vegas girls to you are of legal age and you are paying for companionship only. Las Vegas escort services are totally legal in the state and we keep extensive documentation about our best Las Vegas escorts should there be a question about someone's age or immigration status. As for your time together: you are two consenting adults who had engaged in companionship only. Anything that happens behind closed doors without monetary exchange is your own business. Your payment is for companionship for the allotted time you request only. Anything more is on your own time without a money exchange...totally legal.

I really want to try Las Vegas GFE. Do you provide this type of experience?

If you never had the pleasure of trying gfe Las Vegas, you are in for a treat if you want to give it a try. Our Vegas escorts are available to treat you like their partner throughout the date if you wish. Soft cuddles, enticing kisses, hand-holding, and a true girlfriend experience awaits! Your escort Las Vegas will make you feel as if you are in a relationship. You may even believe it yourself by the end of your time together! Your Las Vegas gfe escort can't wait to make you feel appreciated and loved!

Do you have safety protocols in place regarding my personal information?

When hiring Las Vegas girls to you, you have the option in dealing with a cash exchange if desired. This method ensures no personal information is exchanged whatsoever, and you even have the option in giving us a fake name to protect your identity if you wish. If you decide to use a credit card, the information is encrypted through our secure payment server online. We obtain the payment and do not retain the information going along with it. Nothing in writing is kept. Again, you can use a fake name if you want. You will however have a discrete listing on your credit card statement, so be aware of this if you share this information with a partner! The listing is disguised to help keep your time with escort girls in Vegas your secret if you wish.

I'm a plain guy, nothing extraordinary. Will my date still be interested?

Our girls are available to give you a fun time while in the city. Looks have nothing to do with this! What one person perceives as "plain", another may perceive as "extraordinary". Our women are available to show you that you matter. Your needs will be met. Your night will be thrilling. You will have a gorgeous woman by your side. We guarantee, your appearance has absolutely no bearing on the treatment you receive.

Can you give me some tipping suggestions? I'm not sure of the going rate.

If you believe your date was truly one of the top Vegas escorts you have met, you may want to give her a tip. How much you decide to tip your best Vegas escort is totally up to you, if at all. Since our hot Vegas escorts are paid hourly or via package deals, they will provide you with premiere service no matter what. If your Las Vegas escort girl went above and beyond in your expectations, by all means, let her know. This can be with a call to us to let us know she did a great job, or with a gift from yourself directly to her if desired. There is no "going rate" when it comes to tipping. All patrons are different and we have had all types of monetary tips accepted by our Las Vegas call girls.

Can I share your company information with some friends who intend on visiting the area?

Of course! A bulk of our clients are obtained via word of mouth as well as return customers. If you are satisfied with the service you received, please share your experience with others. Give them our webpage so they can browse the sexy Las Vegas strippers and escorts we have available for their pleasure. You'll be their hero when all is said and done!

Is my date allowed to have an alcoholic beverage with me?

Our escorts in Vegas are more than welcome to have a drink with you. Many of our customers bring their dates to topless bars in Las Vegas to watch a Sin City stripper performance. These establishments offer beverages throughout the time you are there. It's hard to say no to that! Having a drink or two is absolutely acceptable. Our girls realize if you go to a nightclub or Las Vegas topless bars, a drink can help with relaxation. Your date may stop after a few so she does not become inebriated where she isn't able to offer you a fun time, however.

If the girl I select isn't available, will you match me with someone similar?

We have some of the best Vegas escorts available. Whether you are looking for a Las Vegas stripper or a Las Vegas escorts gfe, we have it covered. If your particular choice in a woman is not available, we will select someone with similar features and personality to accommodate your need for best escorts Vegas. Las Vegas best escorts are always available. While each woman is different, they are all stunningly beautiful with exceptional personalities sure to delight. Who knows? Your favorite may become favorites...making it hard for you to choose between them the next time!

When looking for best escorts Vegas, you may decide to spice things up with more than one. This is usually done w

Am I allowed to hire more than one girl at a time?

hen hiring strippers in Vegas. Why have a stripper Las Vegas when you can have two...or more! Each girl requires you make separate payments. If you are looking for strippers in Vegas for a bachelor party, call us to ask about package deals. We have some of the best strippers in Las Vegas working for us...and when they work in tandem, it is surely a sight to see!

Is it possible to set up a recurring schedule for an escort to meet me for dinner weekly?

If you want the best escorts in Vegas available to meet you weekly, you just need to contact us in advance. Payment will need to be secured to ensure you have the time slots you wish scheduled. You can select from hot Vegas strippers, beautiful companions and great conversationalists. Consider trying a date with a different Las Vegas stripper or escort each week until you find your perfect match. When you find a girl who tickles your fancy, you can prepay as far in advance as you wish to ensure she is available for your dates as you wish.

Do you advertise anywhere besides through your website?

Sin City strippers and escorts can be found via word of mouth. This is the best way to get a true feel for the experience you will have. If you are unfamiliar with locations to find a Las Vegas stripper or escort, links to our website are found via forums and social media. Are hotels also have a list available of reputable services in the area. We are proud to be included on this list! The best way however is to ask others known to hire strippers Las Vegas regularly.

If I have a friend traveling with me, can we order two escorts and double-date?

If you have a friend who wants to view a stripper in Vegas in private, while having the option in going out on a double-date with you afterward, this is totally doable. Each Las Vegas stripper/escort would need to be paid their asking prices, which can be found on their profiles. Each stripper Las Vegas would meet their date at a pre-designated location. You can then meet up later to enjoy time together. Enjoying hot Vegas strippers in private and then bringing them out as a group is a great way to spend time together. We guarantee hiring strippers in Vegas will be enjoyable for all parties involved.

Are your escorts safe? I've heard bad things about other places to hire girls, how do I know you are different?

Sin City strippers and escorts of Las Vegas can be a bit scary to hire if you never had in the past. If you heard about horror stories, be assured that we are different. We will send over the best escort in Vegas available to spend time with you. Our girls are all screened, and they are all very beautiful. We have some of the best Vegas strippers in the city available to wow you with their moves. The hottest Las Vegas gfe escorts are ready to make you feel more special than you ever had in the past. Our escort services Vegas ensures a safe, fun experience you will be sure to remember forever.